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Tool setters for CNC lathes
More than 300,000 of our CNC lathe tool setters have already been shipped

  • Improvement of machine operating rate by a tool setter
  • Prevention of failuers



Tool Setters for CNC lathesTool Setters for CNC lathes are used to detect the position of the cutter blades for compensation.

When the blade is pressed against the contact, high-accuracy signal is output to the CNC or PC. And the position of the blade is stored automatically.

As a result, it is no longer necessary to repeat the process of trial grinding, measurement caluculation, and input to the CNC, thereby eliminating the need for expertise in tool setting while also eliminating any concern over damaging the machine due to setting errors.

Tool wear and breakage can be detected.
(In 1995, Award of the Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency)

Useful tips

1) Improve productivity by enhancing net working rate of machine tools.
Detect accidental tool breakage in machining process, and stop the machine.
Improve productivity and net working rate by avoiding machining problems in nightlong unmanned operation.

2) Prevent defective products.
Compensation value is sent automatically to CNC by contacting the tool in sigle operation.

3) Hold up high machining accuracy.
Detect tool wear while accomodating the thermal expansion of the machine for the compensation.
Improve by far dynamic position accuracy, and keep high operating accuracy.


Repeatability 0.001mm
Operating speed 100~200mm/min
Pretravel 0mm
Contact force 2N~
Output mode B : Normally close
Contact life time 3 million
Contact rating DC24V 20mA(MAX)
Protective structure IP67
Contacting part 1~5 (standard:4)
rohs compliant


Product name Characteristics Contacting part
HA type Since its development in 1981, this type has been the best-seller and used by a number of machine tool builders. 1~5 (standard:4)
HD type The opposite side distance of contacts is smaller than HA type. Rotating contact type. 1
Separate type
The head part only can be replaced, when required. 1~5 (standard:4)


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